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the government's surveillance programs go under the microscope today. president obama will make his case to lawmakers to keep the nsa's spying capabilities alive. major league baseball prepares to hand out suspensions toll more than a dozen players for their involvement in the sport's latest performance-enhancing drug scandal, and the game's highest paid player could be facing a lifetime ban. and george zimmerman surfaces. the neighborhood watch volunteer acquitted of murdering trayvon martin has a minor brush with the law. captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs thursday, august 1st, this is the "cbs morning news" for thursday, august 1st, 2013. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green.
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well, this afternoon, the growing debate over privacy over national security moves to the white house. president obama meets with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss the national security agency's sweeping surveillance program. meanwhile the british paper that first revealed the program has published documents that appear to show the nsa can sift through e-mails, online chats, and browsing histories to just about any american without a warrant. and during testimony to congress yesterday it was revealed that an investigation into one phone call could involve millions of americans. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. yeah. that's called hop analysis. where the nsa can look at someone's phone records, everyone he or she has called, everyone who's called them and that's how you lead to millions of different records being looked at. now, many here on capitol hill are expressing alarm on how sweeping these programs appear
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to be, and that's why the president is having them over today. president obama will meet with lawmakers from both parties at the white house today to try to convince them that nsa surveillance of phone and internet activity keeps americans safe. >> i would argue that it comes close to being unconstitutional. >> colorado senator mark udall will be among those at the meeting. i think knowing when i call somebody, from where i call somebody, and for how long i call somebody is a violation of your privacy. >> congress is holding hearings to look into the programs. vermont senator patrick leahy questions how effective the information is in stopping terror attacks. >> this program is not effective. it has to end. so far i'm not convinced by what i see. >> the nsa insists the programs are critical to national security, and now the agency is going public with more details about them. wednesday the intelligence agency declassified three documents detailing the rules for collecting and analyzing the programs.
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nsa director general keith alexander defended the program at the nsa conference lvs. it was a rough crowd. >> why to congress? why have you lied to congress? >> i haven't lied to congress. >> alexander says the surveillance has helped foil terrorist activity around the world. now, the guardian newspaper which first published information through nsa contractor edward snowden is now publishing information about another program and it's called x key score and this apparently gives nsa access to virtually all internet browsing activity worldwide. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. well, ariel castro, the cleveland man who held three women captive for a decade, faces a decision today. he agreed to a deal to avoid the death penalty. his penalties kept diaries and the horrific nature of their captivity was reported.
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dan de-reus reports. >> reporter: they are statements of fact put out by cuyahoga county prosecutor tim mcguinty. it gives new insight as to how each girl was lured in. august 22, 2002, michelle knight was trying to get to an appointment regarding her son. castro offered her a ride but said first he had a puppy in his home for her son. once inside, she would never leave for 11 years. april 2003, a very similar scenario. amanda berry was offered a ride home from work. castro took her to his seymour home and got her inside by saying his daughter, whom she was friends with, was inside. a year later, april 2004, gina dejesus was walking with castro's daughter home from school. the pair split up and castro tracked down dejesus, got her in the car by asking her for help to find his daughter. the rest of the report is brutal. details of the girls chained up by their ankles in separate rooms. for punishment, he kept them in the cold basement or a
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sweltering attic, given one meal day, showered once a week, forced to use plastic toilets in their rooms emptied infrequently, and raped repeatedly. to force michelle knight's miscarriage, sometime around november 2006 castro admitted to punching, kicking, and even jumped on her stomach. the girls were threatened with a gun and castro told them there had been other girls before them. some of them had made it home. others had not. in the report it says ariel castro did allow the girls to keep diaries and while we weren't given specific passages within the report we're told there was talk about being locked in dark room, being scared about the next time they would be raped, dreams of escaping and being reunited with family, and feeling like a prisoner of war inside this home. this morning hurricane gil
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is getting stronger as it moves across the pacific. it's expected to get stronger. as it headed further out to sea, it's expected to get stronger. now, to major league baseball's drug scandal. a decision on suspensions is not expected until this weekend as the league and sus expectsuspecs negotiate. the highest profile player caught up in the enhancing drug probe is alex rodriguez. this morning they're reporting that rodriguez is considering a deal to avoid a lifetime ban. terrell brown reports. >> reporter: alex rodriguez worked out in tampa, recovering from an injury that has kept him off the field all year. with a suspension looming, the only question now is if he will ever play again. >> there it goes. >> reporter: a major league team executive tells us the commissioner's office is considering suspending rodriguez for using performance-enhancing
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drugs and violating the integrity of the game policy. violating it could carry a lifetime ban. >> this is a guy who was destined for the hall of fame. >> espn investigator t.j. quinn first reported the story. >> it is believe thad he acti activively obstructed with the investigation. they have looked into charges that he tampered with witnesses, that he tried to get documents, possibly have them destroyed. if they got the evidence to back that up, that adds a whole other element to this case. >> reporter: in an interview for "sports illustrated" he seemed hopeful about his future. i'm not giving up, he said. i have tremendous hope. hopefully there's a come more chapters in the book. "sports illustrated" managing editor chris stone says rodriguez never tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs, which could lessen his appeal. i don't think they're going to accept a lifetime ban for one of their players. >> reporter: terrell brown, cbs news, new york. on the "cbs moneywatch" now,
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mixed reaction to the fed and a deal on student loans. wendy gillette is here in new york with that and more. good morning, wendy. >> good morning, anne-marie. the federal reserve has spoken. after its two-day meeting ended wednesday, the fed expressed quiet optimism about its economy. it also downgraded its economic outlook from moderate to modest. economists say that means the fed may delay slowing down its massive stimulus program until after september. investors were mixed about the fed's outlook. the dow fell 21 points wednesday but finished july up 4%. the nasdaq ended the month rising 9 points. for july, it climbed almost 7%. a better than expected chinese manufacturing report lifted asian markets. tokyo's nikkei added more than 2%. hong kong's hang seng added nearly 1%. it's now up to president obama to sign the bipartisan bill that lowers the cost of borrowing for millions of college students. on wednesday the house agreed to lower rates from 6.8% to 3.6% for undergrads.
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parents will borrow at 6.4%. rates could go up because they're tied to the financial market. and for the first time ever google apps beat apple apps. according to the website app annie google play surpassed the ios app store by 10% in the second quarter of this year, but the app store made two times more the amount of money probably because most of android apps are free. anne-marie, what's your favorite app? >> well, of course, any cbs news app, wendy. why do you need to ask me that question? >> what a silly question. >> wendy gillette in new york. thank you very much. well, coming up on the "morning news," george zimmerman's latest run-in with the law. he's pulled over by a cop. we'll show you the whole dash camera video that caught the whole incident. this is the "cbs morning news." the "cbs morning news." whoever said a walk is just a walk
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cheers and applause in minnesota as five same-sex couples got married in duluth
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overnight. it became legal at the stroke of midnight. dozens more tied the knot in other parts of the state. officials expect about 5,000 same-sex couples to walk the aisle in the next year. same-sex marriage also became legal in rhode island today. and it's been less than three weeks since george zimmerman was acquitted. but the neighborhood watch volunteer who was once accused of murdering unarmed teenager trayvon martin has had another brush with the law. zimmerman was pulled over for speeding in forney, texas, monday. that's about 20 miles east of dallas. he was released with a warning and told the police officer there was a gun in the car. dash cam video from the police car shows sunday's traffic stop. an unidentified police officer pulls over a pickup truck with florida license plates. in the driver's seat, george zimmerman. zimmerman, who was at the center of one of the most reshally
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charged murder cases in recent memory, was traveling alone. the officer doesn't seem to recognize him. where are you heading to? >> nowhere in particular? >> why do you say that? [ inaudible ] >> what a coincidence. >> zimmerman then alerts the officer that he has a firearm in the glove compartment. >> are you cleared of warrants and stuff? >> absolutely. >> take it easy. shut your glove compartment and don't play with your firearm, okay? >> the officer lets zimmerman off with a warning and reminds him to drive safely. after details of the traffic stop were made public, zimmerman's brother robert sent the following tweet. our family receives many death threats. we all continue to take our security and ensure our safety in accordance with the law. now, the gun zimmerman used to
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fatally shoot trayvon martin is still in the custody of the federal government. the justice department is considering charging zimmerman with violating trayvon martin's civil rights. days after the verdict zimmerman surface when he rescued four people from an overturned vehicle in a vehicle. and straight ahead, your thursday morning weather. and in sports, he didn't pick them to win the ncaa tournament, but president obama welcomes the women's uconn basketball team to the white house. so what happens when he mentions his busted bracket? team to the white house. so what happens when he mentions his busted bracket? house. what does happens when he mentions his busted bracket? but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function starting within five minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better. and that on! symbicort is for copd including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. new york, thunderstorms, a high of 77. miami, thunderstorms as well. but partly sunny in chicago. mostly sunny in dallas. and nothing but sunshine in los angeles. time now for a check of the national forecast. a strong storm system is moving through the midwest. severe thunderstorms are possible from southwest dakota to kansas. showers and thunderstorms will roll through the northeast. torrential downpours are possible in parts of the south, and it will be stormy in the northwest. in sports, philadelphia eagles' wide receiver riley cooper is apologizing for making a racial slur that was caught on camera. >> i will come back here to fight every [ bleep ]. >> the video was shot during a kenny chesney concert in philadelphia last month. cooper said he had been drinking and directed the slur at a black security guard. after the video went viral yesterday, cooper apologized on
4:17 am
twitter and to his teammates. >> riley came to us as a man and, you know, apologized to us for what he did. you know, as a team we understood, you know, because we all make mistakes in life and maybe we all do and say things that maybe we do mean or don't mean. >> cooper says the team fined him, quote, a significant amount of money. in baseball the rangers getting used to dramatic finishes. against the angels last night, adrian beltre hit the solo home run in the bottom of the ninth to give texas a 2-1 victory. it's the third straight game the rangers have won on a walk-off homer all coming at the expense of the angels. >> and president obama welcomed the women's ncaa basketball champions to the white house. in april the uconn huskies defeated louisville to win the tournament. the president pointed out that he did not pick them to win when he filled out his brackets.
4:18 am
>> i have to confess that my bracketology needs some work. mm-hmm. somebody back there's going mm-hmm. >> mr. obama joked that uconn coach gino auriemma spends more time at the white house than some presidents. this was auriemma's eighth time celebrating a national championship. when we return, energy drinks in hot water. senators at a hearing blast caffeinated drink ads that appear to target children. appear to target children. arget children. 's my fault. of course it's your fault and i'm not punishing myself. i'm having dannon oikos zero per cent fat yogurt; twice the protein of regular low fat yogurt. that's what makes it so thick, rich. oh,.. this is kate... already? my sister... and that was my mother. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt,
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too delicious to be so nutritious. and try new rich creamy dannon oikos dips. ♪ dannon. ♪ ♪ i've got something for you too. (announcer) fancy feast delights with cheddar. a meal that is sure to delight your cheese lover. now available in the classic form she loves. fancy feast. the best ingredient is love. ready with a back- up plan union workers go on strike week. the key issues that a still being debated at the negotiation table today. and justice for a bay area n after a brutal attack during pride weekend. plus - the secret program t government uses to track evy key stroke you make --- as u do it. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's
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thursday, august 1st. i'm frank mallicoat.,,,, thursday, august 1st. i'm here's a look at today's cast here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. washington, d.c., thunderstorms today. thunderstorms in atlanta as well, but mostly sunny in st. louis. afternoon thunderstorms in denver and some sun in seattle with a high of 74.
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democrats in the senate are calling on the makers of energy drinks to stop marketing to teens and children. as bigad shaban reports, the drink makers were in the hot seat on capitol hill yesterday. >> reporter: lawmakers grilled executives from the top energy drink companies over potential health risks their products pose to children. >> scientific studies have concluded that consuming large amounts of caffeine can have serious health risks. >> reporter: but the executives said the drinks are safe, even for those as young as 13 years old. >> we don't believe there are any concerns about our product being drunk by that demographic. >> reporter: according to a government report, energy drinks can have anywhere from 80 to more than 500 milligrams of caffeine compared to 100 milligrams in a small cup of coffee. >> caffeine in combination with other stimulant ingredients is
4:22 am
what makes these energy drinks a concern. >> reporter: in 2011 that doubled to more than 20,000. during that period, most of those patients were between 18 to 39 years old. energy drink executives say their ads are not meant to target children. >> we have always marketed ourselves as the adult premium product. >> take a look at that cover. that's a 12-year-old boy on that cover. do you think that he appeals to open people? they're openly, openly advertising to kids and denying it. >> reporter: but the companies say their own can labels say that energy drinks are not for kids. bigad shaban, cbs news. in southwest china, swimmers are trading heat for crowds. more than 12acked into an indoor pool on tuesday. it's known as china's dead sea. they're having the hottest july in more than 140 years. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the ceo of united airlines will join us in the
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studio. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." this is the "cbs morning news." in the studio. i'm anne-marie green. this is the "cbs morning news." or big mouth burger bites, served with soup or salad, and fries. starting at just 6 bucks, at chili's.
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in maryland, a wonderful in maryland, a wonderful twist of fate. a woman put her name on an organ donor's list and ended up helping save the lives of her father and her husband. chip reid has this amazing story. >> reporter: nine years ago chuck stitz's kidneys began to fail but he refused his wife's offer to donate her kidney. so you really resisted this. >> i felt like it was more my problem, why involve her. >> reporter: last year after his body rejected his second transplanted kidney, he gave in. under the national program, when they found a match, julie's kidney would go to someone else while chuck was moved higher on the transplant list.
4:26 am
last december he received a kidney and is now in good health. >> reporter: you consider her your savior, your hero? >> oh, yeah. very much so, very much so. >> reporter: but in a terrible twist of fate julie's father richard kern had also begun to experience kidney failure. she asked the program if the kidney she had promised to donate could go to him, but under the rules her kidney had to go to the next person on the list. in a coincidence that the transplant doctors say was astounding, the next in line was her father, and their kidneys were a perfect match. >> i was just flabbergasted. i'd never seen anything like that in the 28 years in the transplant field. >> reporter: dr. steven bartlett head of surgery at the university of maryland has performed about 3,000 kidney transplants including richard kern's. >> reporter: if julie spitz had not given her kidney to her father, where would he be on the list?
4:27 am
>> waiting on the transplant list as an elderly diabetic man. there's a lot of risks for him. so she saved his life. >> reporter: you decided you wanted to be a donor and you were stubborn. >> my personality. i'm very stubborn. >> thank goodness for that. right, guys? >> oh, yeah, oh, yeah. >> she takes after me. >> what's it like sitting there having your daughter's kidney inside you? >> wonderful. i'll tell you. it's fantastic. couldn't be better. it's like my wife and i gave birth to her, gave her life, and now she's giving life back. >> reporter: julie stitz says giving up a kidney to help save the two most important men in her life was one of the easiest decisions she ever made. chip reid, cbs news, myersville, maryland. >> how's that for a feel-good story. well, coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," major league baseball may be set to announce suspensions in its doping investigation. we'll get the latest.
4:28 am
plus, the safety of energy drinks. we'll take a closer look at the possible health risks for children. and the ceo of united airlines jeff smizek joins us in the studio. that's the "cbs morning news" for this thursday morning. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac --w.vm
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an ime is 4:-- >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. we're ready to go. good morning. it's thursday, august 1. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 4:29. where did july go? >> i can't believe that. here we are in august supposed to be some of the warmest days
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of the year and guess what? >> it's not! >> it's going to stay cooler than normal outside. we have patchy fog just beginning to thicken up. we'll have more on your forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> unfortunately on the roads right now just your overnight roadwork, we are not seeing any huge hot spots or accidents, but there is roadwork on the upper and the lower decks of the bay bridge between oakland and san francisco. we'll talk about that coming up. >> all right. >> we will. we have 2.5 hours to talk about it. >> thank you. it is 4:30 now. today bart union workers could put the bay area on a strike notice. it's three days before contract extensions run out. the union and management will be back at the table today, though after negotiating for several hours yesterday. union members are sending their message to drivers now. bay bridge commuters drive by this billboard saying, "we make bart work." it's part of a pr strategy. pay and benefits are the key issues in the talks. kpix 5 reporter ryan takeo looks into what
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